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The British royal family is worth billions but it still prioritises saving, here’s how?


The British royal family is worth billions. The business valuation consultancy Brand Finance estimated last year that the British royal family is worth about $95 billion.

It takes into account concrete assets and the family’s extensive art collection with abstract assets such as the royal brand.

Her Majesty’s personal wealth totals to about $530 million, the most of anyone in the family. The total estimation of the private wealth of all the family members together would top to $1 billion. 

But wealth, even the royal kind, doesn’t have to mean extravagance. They do save. Let’s see how?

They fly commercial.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were recently seen flying on British airlines with the public. They prefer to sit in the economy class rather than in business or fist class. And, this was not the first time they did it. 

They cut energy costs.

In the year 2011, four million households in England fell into ‘fuel poverty’. What is actually fuel poverty? It’s a situation in which a homeowner must spend 10 percent of their annual income to keep their abode acceptably warm.

That was a predicament for the Queen, who lives in a home with 775 rooms. To cut the costs and save energy, she ordered to post warning signs around the palace that said: “The attention is drawn of all members of staff to the need to switch off unwanted lights. By Order of The Master of The Household”. 

They hold onto their clothes.

Queen Elizabeth herself has been known to re-use her outfits. According to some reports, in 2013, she wore the same pink coat and hat for no fewer than four official engagements in the same year. 

They do eat leftovers.

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Phil Dampier, the royal author said: “Very often when she’s at home she’ll indeed be happy to have leftovers. And, yes, even Prince Charles was very economical and very much believed that nothing should go to waste”.