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The Royal Family were neutral in the elections.

Great Britain had there polls for a general elections. Families around the country will have debated who to vote for weeks. But for one high-profile family, the conversation around politics has to be much more muted in public at least.

Britain’s Royal family is expected to remain politically neutral.

Still, can The Royal Family or The Queen vote in the election? Wonder, has The Queen ever broken with protocol and got involved in politics? Well here you go.

There is nothing written in British law barring the current monarch Queen Elizabeth II from voting in an election. “Although not prohibited by law”, the United Kingdom’s parliament says, “it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election”.

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Queen Elizabeth does, however, play a formal role in the country’s political process. The day after the election, she will be inviting the leader of the party with the most seats to form a government. Assuming, that person can command a majority, he or she then becomes The Prime Minister. The Queen’s ceremonial role as head of state means that she signs all bills into law. Meets with foreign dignitaries and performs other duties. It’s a position that brings huge potential influence without accountability to voters. Which also means her political neutrality is considered vital.

Queen Elizabeth II visit to the Honourable Artillery Company, London, Britain


The rules governing The Royals beyond The Queen are less firm. But a Buckingham Palace spokesperson tells that “by convention”, members of the royal family “close to The Queen” do not exercise their right to vote. The spokesperson did not confirm how many Royals that covers. He said it would include “senior members” of The Royal Family such as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Just like The Queen, senior Royal members are expected to stay politically neutral in public. In the event, Britons voted to leave the “EU”. So now whoever wins, negotiating the United Kingdom’s exit from the block will be the biggest task they face.



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