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The Royal Family are hiring, and the job means you get to LIVE in the Buckingham Palace


Imagine living in Buckingham Palace. Imagine the views, the art, the parties, and of course, the people bopping around inside. 

Now, imagine working there. The royal family is looking for a gardener to tend to their lawns. With the caption of the job being, “It’s admiring your lawn before millions do the same”.

Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Anyway, you will basically be part of the Gardens and Grounds team. And you will be looking after the gardens “that are seen by thousands of visitors and guests every year”.

The job description reads:-

“You’ll keep the lawns in top condition, from regular mowing and edging, to raking, re-seeding and top dressing. You will also maintain the shrub, herbaceous and rose borders. Also, the person appointed will monitor the health of plants, and nurture the growth of young trees and shrubs”.

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“You will also be aiming for perfection and learn from expert colleagues. With this, the results of your work will be seen, and admired, by a worldwide audience”.

Buckingham Palace has also given a list of traits.

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Those list of traits will be including “self-discipline and time management skills that are stated be vital. Working closely with colleagues will be important to you. Also, you will have the skills to communicate with a range of people. With initiative and a confident approach, you will also be keen to research and explore new ideas”.

“It will be for developing the gardens and grounds. The starting salary is £18,100 depending on your prior experience. Plus 15 per cent employer contribution pension scheme and benefits. You will also be able to live in the palace and meals will be provided”. If you want more information on the job, check it out here. Closing date is April 24.