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The Royal Family documentary the Queen doesn’t want you to see, but why?


The now private footage has not been aired since 1969 after Her Majesty felt it was a little too personal for public viewing and Princess Anne agreed.

 Wondering about this secret documentary? 

A documentary of the Royal Family capturing personal moments was apparently locked away by order of the Queen for being too intrusive. The BBC programme which aired in the 1960’s has not been seen for almost 50 years.

The documentary: ‘Royal Family’ was created by Richard Cawston for the BBC. 

Much like reality TV shows of today, a film crew followed the family for 18 months. Footage included scenes like chatter across the breakfast table and Prince Charles in his younger years.

But after Queen Elizabeth gave her consent to the 38 hours of footage, she later decided the film pushed personal boundaries and ordered it to be kept hidden in the BBC vaults.

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But it was not just the Queen who decided against the footage.

Princess Anne also turned against the documentary. She later admitted: “I never liked the idea of ‘Royal Family’. It was a rotten idea. The attention which had been brought upon ever since one was a child, you just didn’t need any more”.

Michael Bradsell, the film’s editor, revealed he was initially hesitant about sharing his work with the Queen. 

“We were all a little bit nervous of showing it to Queen Elizabeth. And, that’s because we had no idea what she would make of it”, he told Smithsonian Channel, who uploaded a clip of the documentary on YouTube.

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“She was a little critical of the film in the sense she thought it was too long. But Dick Cawston, the director, persuaded her two hours was not a minute too long”.