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Royal family has announced a new Christmas surprise for us.

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After all the rumours relating to the feud between the two royal sister-in-laws, Kate and Meghan, the royal family announces something we were all waiting for.

Its the strong bond the Duke of Cambridge, William and the Duke of Sussex, Harry shares.

The latest scoop has arrived amid speculations. It is regarding where would the Cambridge’s be spending their Christmas of 2018.

Well, there were a lot of assumptions.

Ever since the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving out of Kensington Palace came, rumour mills went abuzz. It were that Kate and Meghan are two very different people and do not get along.

Then came this rumour that Meghan Markle apparently made Kate Middleton cry. And over what? Over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting.

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This was not all. There was more to come.

A few other reports claimed that Kate snapped at Meghan for behaving rudely with the staff members. Kensington Palace, however, rubbished all such reports.

As an interview of a spokesperson given to ‘The Sun’ revealed that these series of incidents never even took place.

It has now been reported that despite such rumours, the royal brothers and their wives would be spending the Christmas together with the Queen at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

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With this, they would probably also be putting an end to all the rumours for once and for all. 

The Cambridge’s were supposed to spend the Christmas with the Middleton’s this year. That is because they alternate celebrating the holidays between Berkshire and Sandringham.

However, because of these rumours building up, they have decided to celebrate this year’s Christmas with Her Majesty with all the royal members of the family.