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Rihanna Is Breaking The Internet With Her Face Swap With Queen Elizabeth II


Just a month before from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s 70th marriage anniversary, R&B star Rihanna decided to show some love to the Queen in her unique way. She took to Instagram on Sunday to post images of the monarch’s head photo-shopped onto her high-fashion photographs.

According to our Royal sources, Rihanna is also planning to do something for the big day.

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Reportedly Rihanna is a great follower of the Queen. So, she has already started the preparations for Queen Elizabeth’s 70th wedding anniversary.

The bells are ringing as the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip approaches.


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are about to celebrate a big marriage landmark, most of us could only dream of. This Royal couple is the very first British Royal couple to celebrate a platinum wedding anniversary soon. It’s only fair to say that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were always destined for love and greatness following their glorious wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947. Their true and long love story is certainly the one that transcends time.

Here are the photos:

The first picture was the Queens head and body edited onto an all green outfit that Rihanna wore, completed with a fur coat and over-the-knee boots.

Rihanna and the Queen.

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The second picture featured Rihanna’s recent headline-grabbing look. She’s wearing a red fur heart coat by Yves Saint Laurent over denim shorts and black high heels.

Her next photoshop job had the Queen sporting RiRi’s striking Coachella outfit in which she wore a full body diamante bodysuit by Gucci.

(Feature Image Source: Instagram)

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