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A new revelation about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception is here.

Meghan Markle

The wedding, the reception and the after party might be over, but people are still not over with the gossips about the new couple and the their royal wedding.

There are stills some details about their big day that are still slowing leaking out.

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The latest revelation that’s here to give you major wedding reception surprise is that the new bride, Meghan Markle apparently wrote and then recited a love poem for Harry. Not only this, it brought all the guests present in the room to tears.

One of the guests present at the reception said:-

“It was actually the most special parts of the entire day. And, let me tell you, the most unexpected too. Meghan spoke about their first date and falling in love at first sight”.

“She said she knew she had met her Prince Charming from the off and how blessed and lucky she feels to have found such a profound love”.

Well, according to one of the sources of The Royal UK, the Duchess of Sussex’s background as a good actress paid off.

That’s because her delivery of the poem, the way her expressions went and tone matched with the letters, it all left the room full of guests in tears.

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The source said: “Meghan read her poem like the professional actress she is. Most of the room was in tears or at least ­misty-eyed and emotional by the last line. Looking at Prince Harry, he felt so proud and had to wipe away a tear himself”.

Meghan Markle’s poetry reading reportedly lasted for about two minutes. And, it was witnessed by the 200 guests at Windsor’s Frogmore Hall. There the newly wed couple had their intimate evening reception, hosted by Prince Charles.