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Relationship between Prince Harry and Duchess of Cambridge ?

Prince Harry and Duchess Kate Have the Cutest Brother-Sister Relationship. “Harry called her the big sister he never had.”

Prince Harry has opened up about his sister-in-law Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  The two are constantly spotted at Royal engagements.  Now Prince Harry has opened up about his relationship with Kate Middleton.

There was no filling the deep scar left by her mother,  Princess Diana’s death. Kate Middleton has indeed helped fill some of that wound. When Kate and Prince William got engaged, Prince Harry called her the “big sister” he never had. He often visit them in their apartment at Kensington Palace. There she cooks him a meal. Most of the times a roasted chicken. It is reportedly the particular favorite.

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Both in-laws live in Kensington Palace in central London. Prince Harry lives in a two-bedroom cottage. while Kate Middleton and Prince William live in a 22-room apartment in the Palace itself. This closeness between them, makes it easy for the two to bond strongly. Also for Prince Harry to play with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Signaling the start of the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2017.


Prince Harry appeals to her sillier side because he is carefree and loves banter. He finds things funny about people and says so. The Duchess of Cambridge,  Kate also adores the way Prince Harry plays with her children.

Watching the Olympic Games in London in 2012.


Kate Middleton was always welcoming to Prince Harry. This was even observed when Kate Middleton and Prince William were just dating as students at St. Andrews University. Now, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William often carry out there Royal duties together. One of them is whelming Heads Together.

At a Thanksgiving service in London in 2012.



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  1. I’ll always pray for our Prince Harry to find happiness and never be hurt. I am very proud of our Prince. I’ve seen his crazy wild pictures and I love them all sorry he got in trouble. And wish they would live him alone a bout the pass. Everyone makes mistakes one kind or another when we are young. He was hurting and that was his way out. Losing a mother is not easy on a child that young. And then making them walk behind their moms casket like that was very cruel and cool hearted love and adorable our Prince Harry always…

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