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Its a “Red Signal” for Meghan Markle from The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.


It’s been almost a year since we first came to know about Prince Harry and Meghan Royal relationship. Time has flown by, and engagement rumors are pretty much in talk now.

Seeing the two growing stronger together each day, that day is not far when Prince Harry will pop the question.

But then, without some or the other drama, how a love story can become one to remember? 

The Duchess of Cornwall reportedly disapproves of Markle for some reasons that remain unclear. According to the reports, Camilla has many times appealed to her husband, Prince Charles to get Prince Harry to call it off.

“No, she’s not trying to talk Harry out of proposing or anything. She’s trying to talk Markle out of accepting. She told Meghan that she didn’t like her relationship with Prince Harry. Moreover, that she should think twice before agreeing to his marriage proposal”.

“She has long thought that Meghan Markle isn’t good enough for Harry. Camilla has even told her that she’s not welcome in The Royal Family”.

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Some people do claim that Camilla isn’t keen on Meghan Markle for usual reasons. Like: she’s an American. The most outrageous reason we found out to be was that Meghan stars on a basic cable show that no one watches outside of nursing homes. Well, maybe The Duchess of Cornwall needs to get her facts right!

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Apparently, Markle was in a two-year relationship with a “celebrity chef” named Corey Vilitello when she met Prince Harry.
Meghan dropped Corey like a hot rock. Even Markle’s own sister has accused her of being a status-obsessed social climber. However, while most of her claims have been debunked, it seems The Duchess of Cornwall is still hosting the “anti-Meghan show”.

As far as Prince Harry has confidence on his girl, we doubt Meghan Markle has anything to worry about.