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‘Rebel’ Prince Charles could put monarchy at risk.


Charles, the “rebel” heir to the throne, will face a battle to win over Britons and could even put the monarchy at risk if he does not temper his strong views, a royal biographer says.

Prince Charles will be the oldest monarch to be crowned when he finally succeeds his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Tom Bower, whose unauthorised “Rebel Prince” biography of Charles was published earlier this year, said he was intelligent, kind and sensitive. 

Not only this, but also selfish, ungrateful, and a lover of luxury whose stubborn streak could risk the institution itself.

During his interview, Tom said:-

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“I think Charles will try his hardest to be a good king. However, the question will be how he behaves, whether he abandons a lot of the qualities that were shown in the preceding 20-30 years”.

“I do believe the Queen and Prince Philip have been thankful to live so long. So as to prevent their son being the monarch because he would have jeopardized it all”.

Such critical portraits of Prince Charles are not new.

Since the public breakdown of his marriage to Princess Diana, his lifestyle and views on issues such as climate change, religion, alternative medicine and architecture have often had unfavourable treatment.

Bower also said that the Prince of Wales was committed to issues like the environment. But, he was someone unable to take criticism. Tom was seen saying:-

“He’s very keen to criticize others. But cannot tolerate those who challenge him. Charles is a person who is driven. He doesn’t like to be told that he might be doing something really wrong”.

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Former aides who have worked closely with Charles say many of the stories in Bower’s book are simply not true.

Supporters of Prince Charles say his detractors are often those with axes to grind airing exaggerated grievances.

While Her Majesty was a unifier, Bower said: “Prince Charles does the opposite. He divides the nation between those who like him and dislike him. Actually, he divides his own court and creates hostility”. 

Not only this, in his book, Bower also claims that Charles had rebelled against his parents. The demise of his relationship with Princess Diana and the romance with his second wife, Camilla was part of that rebellion.