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5 reasons why Meghan Markle will love living in London.


Meghan has already shifted to London and is soon to become a British citizen. But first, she’s excited to get to know her new royal neighbourhood, Kensington.

Here’s where we think the soon-to-be royal might like to spend her time.

The perfect yoga class is just a short walk away.

As she self-confessed, she does yoga. Meghan a few days back told Women’s Health magazine that she practices hot yoga several times a week. She said: “I love an intense vinyasa class. I feel its even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with some candlelight”. To her surprise, Core Collective, which is based in Kensington, has a class that would suit exactly her fitness needs.

Jamie Tully, Core Collective yoga instructor says:

“Well, I think Meghan would absolutely love our power yoga class. You get a bit of a sweat on. It’s dark, warm and you’re moving physically the entire time and mentally, you really do find clarity”.

She can get her favourite red wine.

To relax for a while out of her busy schedule, Meghan Markle loves a night and enjoy with a glass of red wine. Markle said: “French fries and wine, both are my favourite. I can skip dessert in favour of a ‘big beautiful red wine’ any day and anytime”.

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She is lucky, as there’s a fine wine store close to the palace that surely sells her favourite Italian red wine, ‘Tignanello’. Well, her love is justified as she named her blog, ‘The Tig’, after it.

Intense workout classes.

Meghan has always been a fitness enthusiast. She has even said that she’s pretty keen to try the ‘Skinny Bitch Collective’ class. It’s a London-based workout class that uses animalistic movements to train at quite a high intensity.

Meghan says: “I’m eager to come to United Kingdom to do a workout with Russell Bateman of SBC. One of my friends, Millie Macintosh raves about his workouts. So I’ll probably call her up to do a class together next time I’m in London”.

Well, these classes are held at a secret gym location in Baker Street. According to our research, it’s an invite-only class with a waiting list of thousands.

Organic food and green juice galore.

She may be far from home, but Meghan won’t be far from her organic food. To her luck, the Kensington branch of the American-owned organic grocery store is about a ten-minute walk from her new home at Nottingham Cottage.

She has already been spotted carrying groceries from the three-story store back to the palace gates. According to some reports, she has often shared recipes on her old blog for dishes like mushroom pasta with creamy truffle sauce and Grandma’s apple butter toast.

Woman’s best friend.

Due to some of her health reasons, the royal fans are unlikely to find Meghan Markle pounding the pavement in Kensington Gardens.

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Meghan says: “As I’ve gotten older day by day, running has become quite a hard task for my knees. So, I can’t really run outside the way I used to”. But the park, which covers an area of 265 acres, will make the perfect spot for walks with her dog, a beagle.