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Reasons why we love the 91-year-old reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth

The love for the royal family lead us to the view that the monarchy is still as strong as it was when Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth in 1952.

Today by god’s grace the position that Queen Elizabeth holds, remains purely unchallenged.

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Well for starters, it’s Tradition.

Great Britain has had a monarchy for a really long time now. Her Majesty is a living embodiment of Britain’s history. The ‘Tradition’ is intertwined with national, international and even with cultural identity, for better or for worse. Also for being uncritical of one’s traditions is not just a British issue.

There is no doubt that our Queen works hard.

Her Majesty takes her job as head of the state very seriously, and so does most heads of the state. Though, few are still working in their 90’s. None have enjoyed such a lengthy and uninterrupted term of office.

Well most of us has observed that the Queen does not go for politics. 

The 91-year-old reigning monarch is constitutionally forbidden from expressing any kind of personal opinion and so does the royal Family. She is not beholden to political ideologies nor the whims of fickle voters.

In-spite of being the Queen and having all the luxuries for herself she values money.

 A lot of wide-eyed tourists wish they had a Queen of their own flock to Great Britain. So as to take selfies in front of royal landmarks. Some people really do say that other nations are jealous of the British monarchy, generating lump-sum of revenue for United Kingdom. This has been thoroughly debunked, but is still claimed.

The Queen seems kind.

She comes across quite grandmotherly sometimes. Also, she is also observed to be excruciatingly polite and kind.

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When all put together, this is what Queen Elizabeth reminds to the world:-

She came at the age during World War II, became Queen Regent in 1951. Queen Elizabeth since then, has served as a reminder of United Kingdom’s strength, power and unity.



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