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The strange but funny reason why Queen Elizabeth never write cheques?


What do you think why the Queen never write cheques? Well, it’s not at all because they’re inconvenient. The reason is simple. Though it is complicated to understand.

Let’s simply face it. Writing cheques these days is quite old-fashion that not that many people do anymore.

Most of the time, it’s just too much of a slow and time-consuming process to write a cheques. It feels that way, specially when you could use your debit card, a mobile app, or any other form of online bill paying.

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Well, to your surprise, Queen Elizabeth is right beside you. There is just one difference. The real reason she doesn’t write cheques isn’t that she’s transferring money through a mobile app like you all do these days. It’s for another reason.

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t write cheques out because people would never cash them. Why?

Everybody would die or kill to just have a good glimpse of Queen Elizabeth. And, here we are talking about cheques which would have her signatures on it. People will prefer to keep them as mementoes instead.

It’s also a likely way to get around the fact that no one in the royal family is allowed to give away their autographs. It might be a pretty nice conversation starter or something to be bragged about by a commoner.

But for the Royals, it’s a huge pain for their banking records.

The cashing of cheques issue was a big problem for both, Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother. There is an information you might not listen to news or newspapers.

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It is, after writing out so many of them, Queen Mother was said to have an overdraft of £2 million after she passed away. All those debts were later settled by her daughter, Queen Elizabeth. So, instead of having to deal with another headache from the bank, Her Majesty just doesn’t write cheques anymore.