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The reason why Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, wears so many bright colours.


Noticing Duchess Catherine, we can usually see her wearing pretty bright colours. Ever wondered why?

Queen Elizabeth also wears bright colours during most of her public engagement

Duchess Catherine has really worked hard to move up the royal ladder. She’s probably taking some of her fashion cues from Queen Elizabeth. The number of royal engagements and events have increased each day for the Duchess of Cambridge. People have seen her gravitate towards a more vibrant colour palette. Like such as: Take her hot pink coat or mask since the lockdown ended.

Similarly, at the time of her family’s tour to Canada in the year 2016, we saw Kate wear bright blue, emerald-green, and crimson colours. While the red colour could have been a nod to the host country, we think there is probably another reason behind her such bold, vibrant and colourful outfits.

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The Duchess of Cambridge is wearing them to stand out from the crowd. It’s something not to say out loud but, it’s something Kate learned from Her Majesty. In an old documentary, Sophie, Countess of Wessex explained her mother-in-law’s penchant for these rainbow shades. Sophie said: “She needs to stand out from the masses to be able to say proudly, ‘I saw the Queen'”.

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“Don’t actually forget that when she turns up somewhere at an event or so, the crowds are two, three, four, ten, 15 deep. And someone wants to be able to say, they saw a bit of Queen Elizabeth’s hat as she went past”. Robert Hardman, Queen’s biographer, even quoted her once saying: “I can never wear a colour like beige because nobody will know who I am”.

Now, this may or can be modest of Queen Elizabeth, but the sentiment is quite appreciated by fans. Also by the subjects hoping to get a once-in-a-lifetime look at Her Majesty.

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As we all know, William and Kate draw adoring crowds wherever they travel, it’s certainly one of that advice which is indeed well-taken.

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