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Queen Elizabeth among Wikipedia’s most-viewed celebrities of 2017. But what’s her rank?


Queen Elizabeth has always been on the top when it comes to most viewed articles about. But this time, someone close joined her. It was none other than Ms Meghan Markle.

The website, Wikipedia attributed the peak point page view numbers to the ‘power of Netflix’.

In a recent statistical report posted Wednesday by Wikipedia’s editorial team, Queen Elizabeth and her soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle ranked in the top five of the website’s top 25 most-read articles.

Wikipedia described some of its last year’s popular pages as ones following an ‘Anglophile’ theme.

Anglophile is ‘a person who greatly admires or favours England as well as the things’. On being aware of the rising British trend on their site, Wikipedia’s editor, Stormy Clouds certainly gave the credit for the high views to ‘the terrific power of Netflix’.

He also suggested that the streaming service’s of the historical drama series on the British royal family has rapidly influenced the web searches. Her Majesty became the Wikipedia’s ‘third-highest view count of the year’. It got approximately 19,290,956 views. 

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To this, Clouds explained: “This should act to dispel the myth that no one cares about the monarchy”.

The website, Wikipedia’s page on ‘Queen Victoria’ also had visitor boosts recently. Mostly each week after episodes of the TV and PBS series Victoria aired. This also vaulted the British monarch into 13th place. It got approximately 14,164,451 views for the year, 2017.

Prince Harry’s announced his engagement to former Suits actress, Meghan Markle recently. This led the royal family’s soon-to-be newest member rank fifth for the top searched topics, with about 16,944,130 views.

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Despite Wikipedia’s releasing only the top 25 most-viewed pages, the report also revealed that the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret came in 37th position. Also, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip ranked 44th, who is also featured on ‘The Crown’.