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Queen Elizabeth: I have already decided a wedding gift for Prince Harry.


There have been some strong speculations about what gift the Queen will give to Prince Harry as his wedding present?

Queen Elizabeth might gift Prince Harry and Megan Markle with a new home for their wedding.

Didn’t she give the same wedding present to his elder brother Prince William in 2011? Well, the answer is yes.

The house in contention is York Cottage. York Cottage is located in the Queen’s private Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The estate also happens to be in the same location near a home gifted to Prince William and Catherine Middleton for their wedding, as reported by Pratishtha Mahajan.

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Anmer Hall required million-dollar renovation task prior to the couple moving in. They later relocated themselves to Kensington Palace to undertake full-time royal duties.

Royal finance expert David McClure has told The Royal UK awarding country properties to newlywed royals was in keeping with tradition.

“It’s their sanctuary, it keeps them balanced. William and Kate would do that with Anmer, they’d just disappear,’’ he said.

“William got a place on the Sandringham estate at Anmer and my hunch is that if he (Harry) gets a place within the country, he and Meghan would possibly want to be nearer London and as such somewhere in the home counties may well be desirable.

“But it might well rely on what land is available either from the Queen’s non-public estate.’’

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York cottage was the house of King George V and Queen Mary following their 1893 wedding.

York cottage is roughly proximate to Anmer Hall, making it a perfect location for William, Harry and their families to spend time together. Sandringham is host to 150 buildings, ranging from offices to residences.

The Queen’s estate encapsulates both Sandringham and a property in Balmoral, Scotland.