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Queen Elizabeth to undergo knee surgery?


Queen Elizabeth is 92-year-old and is still active and strong. She is still attending all her engagements and serving her country all the time. 

But, with age, comes problems that cannot be stopped.

Her Majesty has been suffering from bad knees but refuses to do anything about it for fear. Fear for what? For messing up her densely packed royal schedule.

According to a palace source: “Her Majesty has been gritting her teeth through immense pain for some time. She struggles to stand up after sitting and is worried that she will fall over in public”.

“And now, she is reluctant to have an operation due to the time it would take to recover. Our Queen is incredibly brave though”.

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Queen Elizabeth’s disinterest in being publicly unwell is reminiscent of her late father King George VI’s battle with cancer. In fact, the royal family tried to hide it until his death in 1952.

It’s all an old-school mentality. How?

It’s an old-school mentality that the reigning monarch suffering known health problems could be interpreted as a sign of weakness for their country.

The source then added: “People from her and Prince Philip’s generation battle through problems and carry on. And our Queen doesn’t like to cause any fuss”.

When Queen Elizabeth had a cataract removed from her eye, instead of cancelling engagements, she just wore dark glasses and got on with it. At age 92, she is as busy as ever. She is attending more than 200 royal engagements each year.

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And missing a royal engagement does not exist in her life.

She rarely skips events, and uncharacteristically took a sick day on Thursday when she missed a ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral due to a cold. And, it was after making nine public appearances in 10 days.

The Queen reportedly retreated to Windsor Castle to recuperate on Friday and is currently travelling to Edinburgh for another full week of different events and excitement.

Being a Queen and reigning over a country looks simple, but it is exhausting and takes a lot of hard work. Let’s hope she starts taking care of herself.