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Queen Elizabeth allows tour of Buckingham Palace ahead of major renovation.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is set to undergo major renovations next year, a spokesperson for the Queen Elizabeth’s Household has revealed.

Queen Elizabeth’s London residence will have essential building work carried out across a series of projects.

Many of which will be for the first time in 60 years, expected to have a capital cost of £369 million. The renovation work will start in April next year. The state visits and the garden parties will be held along with the construction. Also, the Queen will continue to live in the iconic palace.

The popular landmark. 

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Buckingham Palace is one of United Kingdom’s most recognised attractions. It has over half a million people paying visit to the landmark every year. A senior royal official told The Royal UK: “The royal family will have to move rooms and they are totally behind it. She’s completely willing content to move around”.

“The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family are all fully aware of what is going on. They’re completely supportive. The Prince of Wales, Charles is taking a particular interest in the environmental side of it”.

The benefits. 

The Buckingham Palace will be fit for the purpose until 2067 when the work will be completed.The renovation includes parts like plumbing, electrics and other essential building services which have gone six decades without a comprehensive upgrade.

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Once essential projects are completed, there will also be a wing-by-wing renovation. The renovation is also expected to help increase public access and improve visitor facilities.

As well as creating a more energy-efficient working environment. 300 people work there, including members of the royal family, so the working environment is to be constructed.