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Does Queen Elizabeth support the gender pay gap system?

Pay Gap

The usual hot topic of debates is the gender pay gap. Mostly, the case is that the male is paid higher than the female. And, it’s not only limited to a particular sector.

This problem happens all the time at all levels.

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But, it seems like the Queen makes it sure not to bring this problem to her house, at Buckingham palace. How? Well, Queen Elizabeth’s household gender pay report showed that women took home £1.08 compared to a man’s median hourly rate of £1.

Well, the figures could be misleading. Isn’t it?

In a sign of how misleading the figures can be, on average, women working at Buckingham Palace are paid 12 per cent less. They are paid less than their male counterparts. 

But, a recent revelation now finds that the Queen is indeed a British female pay champion. Why? Well, the figures showed she actually gives female staff in her household 8.3 per cent more in hourly wages than men.

The gender pay gap is not any small problem.

There are a lot of firms going through this problem, not only in UK but in other parts of the world too. The other firms filed their gender pay gaps ahead of the deadline. On this, we found out that the job with the smallest gap at 0.7 per cent was train driving.

According to some reports, more than 1,200 firms have submitted the hourly rates paid to male and female workers and the make-up of the workforce in the last day.

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As a final finding we found that:-

Overall, 78 per cent of firms pay men more than women. Only 13 per cent pay women more than men and eight per cent claimed there was no such gap. Well, looking at these figures, it looks like the Queen is just helping to remove this problem.