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Queen Elizabeth always goes here during her summer holidays.


Queen Elizabeth has a lot of homes where she can or probably spends her holidays. Yet, there is one in particular she always travels to in her summer holidays. 

Wondering which one? Take a guess, and let us know by commenting below.

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If we calculate, Queen Elizabeth has actually travelled to almost every country during her 66 years reign. Since taking the British throne in the year 1952, she has been approximately to over 120 countries on state visits.

Yet for her private trips, the 91-year-old reigning monarch tends to stay in United Kingdom with a number of holiday homes.

Now, the questions is, if she likes to spend her holidays in the UK and in one of her private estates, which one of those is the one Her Majesty prefers? Well, the answer to this questions is that Queen Elizabeth likes to spend her summer holidays is ‘Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh’.

About the Holyrood Place?

The Palace is located at the end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, and has been home to the royal family since the 16th century. Holyrood Palace was originally founded as a monastery in the year 1128.

Queen Elizabeth often spends around a week there at the beginning of summer. She often also carries out a number of official and public engagements during her stay there.

But, she is not the only one to visit the Holyrood Palace.

Not to forget, Queen Elizabeth does not own the palace and it remains the property of the crown. Her Majesty id often accompanied by other royal members including Prince Charles and Prince Philip.

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It isn’t the only place she visits when in Scotland.

Her Majesty also heads towards Balmoral Castle, in the months of August and September. Balmoral Castle is owned Queen Elizabeth and is also the private property of royal family. It was bought in the year 1852 by Prince Albert as a gift for Queen Victoria.