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Queen Elizabeth speaks only THIS foreign language.


Queen Elizabeth is the most well-travelled monarch in British history. She was privately educated by a governess when young. And now, she speaks this foreign language fluently.

Her Majesty has visited nearly all four corners of the globe during her lifetime as a royal.

She is always accompanied by numerous members of the royal staff whenever she travels. Her staff is there to help and advise her on important matters.

Well, her time and travelling made her gain a lot of things.

However, there are some countries in the world where Queen Elizabeth will need no aid when it comes to speaking the local language. All thanks to her private education from a young age.

Queen Elizabeth II can speak fluent French. The monarch can speak fluent French. Although, she’s not really the only royal to know it.

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Well, there is more to the story.

French is spoken as an official language in 29 countries in total. But the monarch’s knowledge has been of particular use during trips to France and Canada.

In 2014 she carried out a state visit to Paris and held a conversation with former President Francois Hollande, easily discussing the weather.

A year later, a schoolgirl in Dagenham addressed the Queen in French. To this Her Majesty responded in the same language. Most impressive of all is when, in 1964, Elizabeth visited Quebec in Canada and gave a speech.

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French language expert, Camille Chevalier-Karfis, commented on it, saying:-

“Her reading skills were excellent. Both pronunciation and rhythm were amazing. But you could feel she was quite tense”. However, the Queen is not the only member of the royal family to speak French.

Prince Charles and the rest of the Queen’s children also speak it. Prince William has also been heard speaking French after a speech in Quebec in 2011.