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Queen Elizabeth’s hidden secret out: The day of Princess Diana’s funeral.


Princess Diana, died on 31st August 1997. About 2.5 billion people watched her funeral. 

But if Queen Elizabeth had it her way, that number would have been a lot smaller.

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Originally, the funeral was planned to be a private affair. Huge public mourning and a plea from Prince Charles, led to the massive and sad funeral for the late Princess of Wales.

The day of final goodbye to Princess Diana.

One of the world’s most-watched events was Princess Diana’s funeral. It was decided that, Princess Diana’s body will not be brought to any of the Royal Palace. It will be rather taken to a private mortuary before a privately held funeral.

If this would have happened then, Prince Charles and the public would have none of it. Though the palace denied it. Prince Charles went behind the back of the monarchy and arranged a viewing at St. James’s Palace and a funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Princess Diana’s fans began flooding Kensington Palace with notes and flowers in her honour.

More than 1 million bouquets of flowers were laid in front of her London home, Kensington Palace. Following the death of Diana, the Queen received harsh criticism from the media and public.

They directly and openly questioned her decision. It was to remain silent on her former daughter-in-law’s death for five days. Also for not returning to London immediately after the news broke.

Paying respect to the Queen of our hearts.

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Despite all the criticism, questioning and her rocky relationship with Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth did attend the funeral. She even bowed her head as her former Daughter-in-law’s coffin was carried passed her. 

May the Queen of our Hearts, Diana rest in peace.



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  1. I followed her religiously. I still cannot believe that she is gone. She was truly an angel among us, with very human qualities.

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