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Queen’s hilarious response to finding slug in food.


There are things that are done in a certain way in the royal family. However, some, which are not, are either corrected or the Queen let it all go once and for all.

While one may not be amused at the thought of finding an unexpected addition in your salad, Her Majesty’s reaction was hilarious.

Queen Elizabeth is recognised for many things. But it seems not enough credit is given to how funny she can be when she actually wants to be. The 92-year-old reigning monarch had a very tongue-in-cheek response to palace staff. 

But when and why?

It was when she discovered a slug in her salad. According to some reports, Queen Elizabeth ripped out a page of her comments book. This she uses to give feedback on palace meals. And, she set the slug on the piece of paper.

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Alongside the slimly surprise she wrote: “I found this in the salad. Could you eat it”?

According to a new book, ‘Dinner At Buckingham Palace’, Her Majesty selects her meals from a list of suggestions delivered to her in a leather-bound book by Buckingham Palace’s royal chef, Mark Flanagan.

The process of food selection is not long.

She highlights with pencil the meals she wants to eat and crosses out the food she doesn’t like. Meals served at the Queen’s table can be described as the type you would get at a decent mid-range restaurant.

Queen Elizabeth’s former chef, Darren McGrady told in an interview: “She is not really bothered about what food she eats. But, doesn’t like starchy foods like rice or potatoes”.

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“When Her Majesty is on her own, she eats poached or grilled fish with vegetables and salad. But, she does have one indulgence. She’s also a chocoholic”.

“It has to be the dark chocolate. It’s like, the darker the better. She wasn’t keen on milk chocolate or white chocolate”.