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This was the Queen’s response to those distressing Prince Philip rumours.


Being a royal, like most jobs, has both its advantages and disadvantages. While the advantages get you respect, the disadvantages get you stress. 

And all this just because of being a royal?

Surely, having a royal title gives access, opportunity and the luxury of living in a palace, but the downside, of course, involves the rumor mill. And these rumors can go as far as possible.

If at all you’re a royal, be ready for all manner of rumors. And it can range from engagement and pregnancy to more distressing speculation like divorce and death.

Something similar happened with the Duke of Edinburgh recently.

Prince Philip found this out just this week when rumors flooded the internet that the 97-year-old prince had died. It came out as a shock to the royal fans.

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After the rumors went viral on social media, the Buckingham Palace switchboard was reportedly flooded with phone calls. It was something that according to The Sun, left Her Majesty ‘fuming’.

The 92-year-old reigning monarch was reportedly on her vacation in Balmoral when the rumors started to spread. Although her husband of 70 years was at Sandringham, she was immediately informed about the scenario.

After she was told about the situation, the Queen is said to have had a 10 minutes phone call to iron out how to deal with this false rumor. 

On asking about this rumor from a Palace insider, he said:-

“They both agreed there was very little they could do. But, they are very, very annoyed. It’s not very nice to hear the world over commenting on your health or death, even if you’re used to being in the public eye”.

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“This situation shows us how the internet can get out of control. Queen Elizabeth is absolutely fuming over this and thinks it’s disgraceful. If he was ill, she would be with him instead of starting her Scottish vacation”.

“In fact, not only is he not very ill, he is actually in fine form and is recovering very well from his recent hip surgery. This surgery has given him a new lease on life and he hopes to live to 100 just like the Queen Mother”.

Long live the monarchy!