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Queen discovers renewed love of gardening at the age of 91.

Queen Elizabeth has discovered a renewed interest in gardening. It has emerged that even at the age of 91, it is never too late to take up a new hobby.

The 91 year monarch, who toured the ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ on Tuesday alongside Prince Phillip, was inspired by a garden restoration project at Windsor. The Queen was so inspired and passionate about it that she developed an impressive knowledge about plants.

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Queen Elizabeth has taken such an interest in the regeneration of the gardens at ‘Frogmore House’ that for her 91st birthday this year, her friends and family gave her plants for the new beds.


Chairman of ‘Hillier Nurseries’, one of the country’s leading horticultural suppliers, has met Queen Elizabeth on several occasions but revealed that he was taken aback by her sudden interest and in-depth knowledge of the subject. She has never shown this kind of knowledge before.

The Queen tours the Chelsea Flower Show.

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We have met many times before but suddenly she is so interested in plants and planting. Queen Elizabeth is so really thrilled with the way Frogmore is developing itself. The Queen has now got more ambitious and wants to do a lot more in this particular subject. We all know that Queen Elizabeth enjoys going to Chelsea a lot. Howsoever, in the past she has not been so dedicated. She really has got into gardening. Well it’s never too late for anything.

The Queen was said to have loved looking around the Chelsea Flower Show


It is a Georgian house set in 35 acres inside the Home Park of Windsor Castle. It is bursting with tulip trees, redwoods and wisteria. The grounds were planned and designed as an escape for Queen Charlotte, the green-fingered wife of George III. They are rarely open for the public view.

The Queen meets Mary Berry at the Chelsea Flower


Such is the Queen’s love of her lawns, that it has been claimed that the five-strong gardening team are not allowed to remove or even touch a single tree or shrub without Her Majesty’s prior permission. It was also observed that when the monarch toured the flower show, it was emerged that her knowledge even extended to earwigs. She recalled how gardeners used to trap earwigs with upturned flower pots on top of tomato canes.



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