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The Queen had the best reaction to Meghan’s family drama.


After staging paparazzi photos and giving two unauthorized television interviews, Her Majesty has already blacklisted Meghan’s father. 

 Each week brings a new sensational headline thanks to her father, Thomas Markle and sister, Samantha.

According to a source:-

“The Duchess of Sussex is absolutely broken by the drama with her family and especially with her father. There’s no way she can have a relationship with him or even reach out to him to stop him from speaking”.

“She knows that he’ll record the conversation and sell it. Meghan has high anxiety wondering if this will go on forever”.

According to a Buckingham Palace insider:-

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“What may surprise some people is just how supportive the Queen has been during Meghan’s ongoing problems. She is in a tough place, and Queen Elizabeth knows it’s completely out of Meghan’s hands”.

“She has only sympathy for what’s been a difficult and distressing situation for her”.

The unlikely bond between Her Majesty and Meghan is something that was meticulously crafted by Harry.

Prince Harry did it in the early stages of his relationship. When Harry sensed that things were becoming more serious with Meghan, he requested a formal meeting with his grandmother.

A royal source told us:-

“He wanted to make sure every family member knew that Her Majesty supported the relationship. And how important it would be for Meghan, who’s from a very different background”.

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As it happens, the 92-year-old monarch did not need much convincing.

Since their first meeting, Meghan’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth has only continued to blossom. While Meghan and Her Majesty come from two very different backgrounds and generations, there’s a warmth between the two.

This pair’s bond is a refreshing change from the infamously tense relationship Her Majesty is believed to have had with Princess Diana.