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How the Queen stopped private pictures of Kate Middleton from being published?

Kate Middleton

The Queen helped Kate Middleton stop private pictures of her from being published by allowing her to use her solicitors and threaten the photographer with a lawsuit.

The royal family closely guards its private lives. And Her Majesty does what she can, to preserve and safeguard the reputation of the monarchy.

In the year, 2009, The Daily Telegraph reported that the Queen ‘authorised a crackdown on the paparazzi’ amid intrusions into the private lives of the royal family. Her Majesty and Prince Charles instructed Gerrard Tyrrell, a senior lawyer specialising in privacy and media law, to mastermind the privacy strategy.

It was quite important to take some action against it.

Mr Tyrrell is known to have briefed senior royal aides on a series of options in the event of photographers continuing to take photographs of the royal family in ‘private’ situations. 

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Following this crackdown, 2005 documentary ‘Chasing the Royals’ revealed that Queen Elizabeth’s lawyers threatened legal action over private pictures taken of Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge at the time was only Prince William’s girlfriend. It was Christmas time. And, she was with her family at Resormel Manor in Cornwall.

The royal family took some preventive measures.

Media organisations based in the UK accepted the request from Buckingham Palace not to publish the pictures. However, they somehow appeared in the German press. The photographer who took the shots, Niraj Tanna, said in the documentary: “They do not want any private, unofficial photographs released to the press whatsoever”.

“So, they are clamping down like there is no tomorrow. If I’m on a public footpath, I would assume it is all fine, it should be. It has been okay up to now, and suddenly, the goalposts have changed. I photograph exactly where I am even if its a public road. I put a map on exactly where I have been standing. Now, I always have witnesses”.

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Despite his carefulness, Mr Tanna’s path crossed Kensington Palace once more in 2014.

That time, William and Kate’s lawyers asked him to ‘cease harassing’ their first-born, Prince George. The royal family took a legal action against the photographer. It was only after the man was spotted near George and his nanny in a park in central London.

Lawyers for the photographer, Niraj Tanna, claimed that he had done nothing wrong. Photographer, Niraj Tanna’s attorney also said that no matter what, he would continue with his work.