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Queen’s SHOCKING reaction to Prince Charles sleeping with Camilla Bowles before their marriage.

Prince Charles

Camilla suffered a strict rejection from Her Majesty when she first dated Charles in the early 1970’s. The Queen even refused to let Camilla near her.

Charles and Camilla met in mid-1971 when they belonged to the same social circles.

Both began dating around 1972. And as their relationship became more serious, Charles was introduced to Camilla’s family in Plumpton. So did she. Camilla met certain members of the royal family.

However, she was reportedly banned from meeting the Queen.

As both the Queen and Prince Philip disapproved of the relationship. And that was because Camilla was viewed as un-marriageable.

Christopher Wilson, a royal biographer, commented on the Queen’s dislike for Camilla, saying:-

“Her Majesty and Prince Philip knew everything about Charles’ relationship with Camilla. The Queen said I will not have that woman in my presence”.

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“The problem with Prince Charles was, you are not supposed to be in love with your mistress, you are supposed to have sex with her. But, Charles had fallen in love with Camilla”.

Historian Professor, Jane Ridley said:-

“The only thing that the royal family wanted to avoid was Charles becoming involved with a woman who was un-marriageable. But it seemed this pattern was reappearing”.

“It was absolutely vital to have on the thrown someone who was a virgin. A future Queen must have no past. Although, there is no suggestion that Camilla was a loose woman. But, she had had boyfriends”.

Notably, Camilla had been dating Prince Charles’ polo friend Andrew Parker-Bowles.

Prince Charles subsequently fell for Camilla big time and expressed real sadness when their relationship eventually ended in 1973.

Mr Wilson added: “Charles was young, he was red blooded. And I think we was looking for someone who could blow him away”.

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The break-down of their relationship caused Charles to spiral out of control. And he subsequently dated a series of girlfriends in his quest to find a suitable wife.

What he got was a string of arm candy. Prince Charles eventually met Princess Diana in 1977. And, he eventually proposed to her in February 1981.