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Why Queen Elizabeth found President Reagan to be ‘the most charming’?


Queen Elizabeth is a living witness to history and now, some of her most fascinating encounters with U.S. presidents are being told in a new book.

 But, their was one American president that the Queen liked the most.

“Perhaps the most charming of all was President Ronald Reagan. His friendship with Queen Elizabeth lasted well into his retirement”, author Robert Hardman says in a new book, Queen of the World.

Their easy camaraderie may have been because he was extremely comfortable on a horse. That meant he could ride out with Her Majesty whenever she asked for it.

Their friendship was very strong.

After Reagan’s 1982 visit to Windsor Castle, the Queen made a return trip to the U.S. the following spring.

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There, after sharing a Tex-Mex lunch with tacos and re-fried beans with President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, they headed to San Francisco, where the President’s deputy chief of staff Mike Deaver set up a special evening out.

Hardman wrote in his book stating:-

“For the 92-year-old reigning monarch, who had not eaten in a restaurant for 15 years, it was a novel experience. It was as if right down to being given a fortune cookie at the end”.

Well, Queen Elizabeth by the god’s grace has been reigning for a lot of time. And so, she has witnessed a lot of American presidents come and go during her time at the throne.

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In May 1991, on a visit to Washington to stay with President H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara, the Queen would also meet George W. Bush, who would one day follow his father as President.

At her most recent visit from a President, when Donald and Melania Trump came to Windsor in July, Her Majesty made a point of introducing him to an American-born lady-in-waiting.