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Queen Elizabeth plans huge party for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.


The Prince of Wales, Charles’ 70th birthday is soon approaching. And so, Queen Elizabeth is planning a huge birthday for her dearest and eldest son. 

 The Buckingham Palace has already sent out invitations to hundreds of guests.

The guests have been asked to attend the bash in the State Rooms on Nov. 14. At the event, Her Majesty will pay tribute to Prince Charles, and her funds will be the one to shoulder the expenses for the celebration.

Prior to the birthday, royals organised several gatherings to commemorate the future king’s special day.

The royal family attended a Garden Party in May. That gathering served as the first gathering that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended after their royal wedding. 

The November 14 birthday bash will be attended by Charles’ family members, as well as the relatives of his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. He will also be featured in two documentaries on BBC to honour his 70th birthday parties.

Prince Charles made huge headlines this week not only because of his birthday bash celebrations.

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According to some reports, his ex-wife, Princess Diana, didn’t want to file for a divorce from him. Jenni Rivett, a celebrity trainer who also worked with the Princess of Wales, gave a statement saying:-

“Princess Diana desperately wanted to keep her marriage to Prince Charles even after she learned about his extra-marital affair with Camilla”.

“Given the choice, she would have stayed and tried to make a happy marriage. Diana loved Charles and she married for the right reasons. That lady actually married for love”.

“It wasn’t her who asked for all of this. It was sprung upon Diana. She wasn’t the one who wanted to separate or to seek a divorce”. 

There is still more to the story.

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Ms Rivett also mentioned that the Princess of Wales, Diana opened up to her about her personal challenges and struggles in her life. She said:-

“Diana indeed wanted to be the Princess of Wales and the Queen of the people’s hearts. She wanted to be a loving mother, which she definitely was and a loving wife”.