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ROYAL NEWS: Queen suffers from stroke.

Queen Paola

Queen Paola of Belgium suffered a stroke last night while she was holidaying in Italy’s Venice with her husband, King Albert. It was a traumatising moment.

 Queen Paola will fly back to Belgium via Melsbroek airport this afternoon.

According to the Royal Palace, the situation would be under control and Her Majesty’s life is not in danger. The royal fans were shocked to hear about her condition. 

The severity of the stroke is currently unknown.

In a statement, the palace said: “Following a health problem, Her Majesty Queen Paola will be repatriated to Belgium during the day to undergo some medical examinations”.

The Italian-born Queen Paola has suffered quite a few number of health problems in recent years. In September of 2015, Albert II’s wife was taken ill while on holiday in Italy.

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Queen Paola also suffers from heart rhythm disorders.

Suffering from osteoporosis, the Queen has also experienced several fractures, including a vertebra in 2016 and hip in 2017. Paola was Queen of Belgium during the 20-year reign of her husband, who ruled from 1993 until his abdication in 2013.

Princess Paola Ruffo di Calabria, spent her younger years in Rome, where she met Prince Albert at the age of 21. The royal couple have three children, Philippe – the current King of the Belgians, Astrid and Laurent.

Getting the news of Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Elizabeth sent her prayers.

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After the news of Queen Paola hit the tabloids worldwide, it reached the Queen of England soon. On hearing about the shocking news, Queen Elizabeth wanted to send out her prayers for the Belgium Queen.

Not only this, Queen Elizabeth also wrote a letter to the Queen of Belgium. She sent her well-wishes from her and her family’s behalf and hoped for to get better soon.