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Queen Elizabeth: “This name is not what I wanted for the new baby”?

Being the head of the family, Queen Elizabeth is the first person who gets to know the name of the royal baby. Her Majesty could veto the name of the royal baby.

But, Queen Elizabeth would be taking such an extreme step only if it will be required. This means Meghan and Harry’s choice of name can be rejected if they choose something she objects.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will welcome their first child in late April. Royal fans have been left waiting eagerly to find out what gender the new addition will be. Not only this, but fans are also wondering about the name the royal couple will choose for their first born.

But the first person to be informed of the details of the birth will be the Queen.

And as the head of state, she has the power to say no to the baby’s name. But royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes Her Majesty is likely to approve the name of Meghan and Harry’s baby. And she will agree, even if they choose something unique. However, they will still most likely let the Queen know first out of courtesy.

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Mr Fitzwilliams said: “It would naturally be expected that the Queen would be informed of the names chosen for her great-grandchild. It would be a courtesy to let her know. And it’s highly unlikely that she would raise any objection. It will be particularly interesting to see the names Harry and Meghan will choose. As they are likely to reflect the baby’s unique Anglo-American heritage”.

The Queen has always been the first to find out when a new royal is born.

The Duke of Cambridge, William phoned his grandmother on a specially encrypted phone when Prince George was born. This was before he told the rest of his own family, or Kate’s. The public will then find out through an official statement posted on the Royal Family’s website, or their social media accounts.

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The name of the baby will be revealed a few days later. Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s names were released two days after they were born. While Prince Louis’ name was revealed four days after his birth. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby could also be given three or four names. That will basically include several middle names.

Bookies have been taking bets on the name of the new royal baby.

Coral’s top name was previously Victoria. However, Diana has now overtaken this at 6/1. If the baby is a boy, the names Albert and Philip have odds of 12/1. Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead has high hopes for the name Diana.

He said: “It would certainly be a popular choice for royal fans and an emotional one for the family. There will be plenty of people celebrating their winnings if it does end up being the name”.