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How the Queen Mother was deeply shocked when Princess Diana did this thing.

Queen Mother

Queen Elizabeth I was known for much of her life as the Queen Mother. And according to her official royal biography, she detested it.

“Horrible name” she wrote in a 1953 letter to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

In that book called, ‘Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother: The Official Biography’ by William Shawcross, the author reveals how the Queen Mother was shocked when it emerged that Diana had collaborated with a royal biographer for a tell-all book. She said that she was “deeply shocked” about it.

Her relationship with Princess Diana was altogether more complex.

Initially, the two enjoyed good relations. The Queen Mother took the young princess, whose own position as an outsider in the royal family mirrored hers, under her wing. Queen Elizabeth I, revealed her thoughts about Charles’ divorce in a series of previously unpublished interviews with Sir Eric Anderson. 

She told Mr Anderson, who spent a total of 20 hours interviewing her: “It is always a mistake to talk about your marriage. 

William Shawcross wrote in his book:-

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“Queen Elizabeth I had been sympathetic to both Diana and Sarah Ferguson over the enormous pressures they faced from the media. But the washing of dirty linen in public was utterly abhorrent to her. Her entire life was based upon obligation, discretion and restraint”.

“Princess Diana’s public rejection of her husband and her life was contrary to everything that the Queen Mother believed and practised. She also regretted it when Charles discussed his private life in a wide-ranging series of interviews with Jonathan Dimbleby”.

She once gave Lady Diana a sapphire and diamond brooch as an engagement present.

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Diana thought it as a ‘staggering gift’ and told her: “I have never owned a piece of jewellery like that. I will be proud to wear it when I’m with Charles.  I only hope that I’ll be able to do it justice, one of the nicest things of being married to Charles is that I will be able to see more of you”.

After the wedding, Diana wrote to Queen Elizabeth I. It was to thank her for letting her stay at Clarence House on the night before the wedding. She said: “I will try my hardest to make your grandson happy and give him all the love and support he needs and deserves. I still can’t get over how lucky I am and it will take me the rest of my life to recover”.