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How Queen mother played a very important role in Prince Charles’ life according Queen Elizabeth?


Prince Charles’ close relationship with Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was captured in the emotional eulogy he recorded following her death in 2002.

She was, quite simply, the most magical grandmother you could possibly have. Well, it seems pretty true, if we look at her relationship with Charles.

During the televised message, which was broadcast around the UK, the Prince of Wales fought back tears as he described his beloved “Granny”. Prince Charles said: “For me, she meant everything and I had dreaded, dreaded this moment. Somehow, I never thought it would come. She seemed gloriously unstoppable”.

Prince Charles’ close bond to the Queen Mother began early.

Their bond only intensified when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, suddenly ascended the British throne. Royal expert, Juliet Rieden, also the author of The Royals in Australia said:-

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“The Queen Mother was more of a mother to him. While his mother was obviously busy with her duties of being Queen. I think she was a touchstone to him”.

The Queen Mother was everything for the Prince of Charles.

Over the years, Elizabeth became a source of comfort and encouragement to her beloved grandson. She helped prepare him for the momentous role he will one day assume. The Queen Mother used to write letters to Prince Charles. One of them read as:-

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“My darling Charles, everyone loves you and is proud of you. I absolutely know you will be able to do wonderful things for this country. I believe in you truly. Whether I will be there with you or not, I know your reign will be as successful and smooth as possible. Not only in leadership, but by being your own kind-hearted, loving and intelligent and funny self”. 

The Queen Mother’s role as a confidante to Prince Charles was particularly evident during the two terms he attended high school in Australia. She wrote Charles letters frequently and even visited him.