Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth offers you to become a member of the royal family. Here’s how?


Want to become an unofficial member of the royal household? Want to be one of most famous unofficial royal member? Then, here’s your cue.

It’s almost the time to take your regal devotion to the next level.

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Wondering what we mean by that? By that, we mean looking out for a royal warrant for your favourite meals, cars of choice and even your cleaning supplies.

What about the royal stamp?

Well, this royal stamp of approval is extended to companies that are authorised to supply everything and every material the royal family needs. They can only be awarded by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip or Prince Charles, depending on the product.

How to get a royal warrant?

To be deserving of a royal warrant, the company in question must have done business with the British family for at least five years. To talk about it, the historical royal warrants were far more unexpected. Those included, Charles II’s sword cutter and George III’s rat catcher.

For some brands, the royal warrant can be controversial.

Some choose to drop it from their packaging to seem more inclusive, while others face major back-log when theirs aren’t renewed. Some brands have their warrants revoked because the royal household doesn’t use it anymore, like Benson & Hedges, the British cigarette brand. Others like Nestlé, ditch the seal so their packaging is standard in every country.

While many of the royal warrants are on food products, others enter the vast world of fashion.

The news is, the upcoming royal weddings are sure to include plenty of James Lock & Co. hats. It’s the world’s oldest hat shop that has been in business since 1676 on St James’s Street. They boast an extensive and unique selection, which is quite helpful for the royal family. 

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In the year, 1953 they re-lined the Coronation crown for Queen Elizabeth, and since then, they’ve topped Queen’s list yearly. And the fan of the royal family knows that you’re nothing without your fascination, making them important recipients of the warrant.