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Queen Elizabeth told Meghan to dress “Less like a Hollywood star” and “more like a royal”.


So, now that Meghan is a part of the royal family, we have been seeing her almost daily. And so, it is important that she follows the rules made for the royals.

However, the new bride seems to be breaking those rules.

People give the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan a hard time for breaking royal protocol here and there. But, for the most part she seems to be nailing it.

Like for example, she even recently wore pantyhose to an event just to make Her Majesty the Queen happy.

Following the rules is something that is expected from her as a royal.

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But her fashion sense isn’t cutting it with palace courtiers. And these palace courtiers reportedly told Duchess Meghan that she needs to re-evaluate her lewks.

According to some special reports, a source from the fashion teams that visited Kensington Palace claim that: “Meghan is being told she needs to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal”.

Well, it seems that the Duchess of Sussex has made Queen Elizabeth really angry about it.

This is a direct result of the Queen, who is said to have raised eyebrows at the Duchess of Sussex’s fashion choices.

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Those fashion choices also include wearing black when no one is in mourning. Showing off some leg: Her slit on her dress during her royal tour of Fiji. And, not wearing hats when she’s actually supposed to.

We still can not guess, whether or not Meghan will adjust her style as a result of the Queen’s alleged raised brows. But, we hope she does. As the British monarchy stands on its history and traditions.