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The Queen’s marriage consent was not as shady as you think.


Being a royal is not easy. It has it’s own perks with a bitter pinch of rules and regulations. One says to have a written consent of the Queen to get married.

And, Prince Harry just got it done as Her Majesty gave him a formal consent to marry Meghan Markle.

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People have been comparing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Prince William and Kate Middleton ever since the couple got engaged. And now, this comparison has made some fans think that Queen Elizabeth is shading Meghan.

Recently, at a Privy Council meeting Queen Elizabeth officially gave her written consent for Harry to marry Meghan Markle.

“I declare my consent to a ‘Contract of Matrimony’ between my most dearly beloved grandson, Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle. This consent I am causing to be signified under the ‘Great Seal’ and to be entered in the Books of the Privy Council”.

Based on Her Majesty’s tone, some fans noticed her seeming lack of affection towards Meghan.

This has heated up especially considering she had previously referred to Kate as ‘trusty and well-beloved’. This was before she became part of the royal family in the year 2011. So what gives? Well, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth wasn’t shading Meghan at all.

This was simply the formal Privy Council declaration giving permission for their marriage. The document where the Queen affectionately described Catherine is actually the ‘Instrument of Consent’. That is signed closer to the wedding date.

There was exactly the same wording for William’s consent as is Harry’s case?

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Privy Council declaration had almost the exact wording as Harry and Meghan’s. This is exactly why it’s safe to assume the engaged couple’s ‘Instrument of Consent’ will also include similar warm language.

However, a source told The Royal UK: “Language like ‘Trusty and well-beloved’ is only reserved for citizens of the U.K. or Her Majesty’s other realms”.

Since Meghan Markle is a U.S. citizen, Queen Elizabeth couldn’t use the same language just yet. However, the former U.S. actress previously announced that she will become a British citizen after her May nuptials.

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Queen Elizabeth’s views for Meghan Markle?

Queen Elizabeth has given zero indication that there might be bad blood between her and and her soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law. In fact, back in December, she broke her ‘no ring, no bring policy’ for inviting guests to Christmas. This made Meghan the first fiance to spend the holidays with the royal family.