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How Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess Kate differ as mothers?


The palace nursery rooms have changed a lot since the time of Prince Charles. The new set of protocols separate Queen Elizabeth and Kate from each other.

But, one thing is for sure: both the mothers, Queen Elizabeth and Kate love their children very much.


All four of the Queen’s children were born at either Buckingham Palace or Clarence House and doctors were brought in. Her Majesty gave home birth. It was as per the royal traditions. Whereas, Kate Middleton chose to give birth in the hospital.


After becoming a mother for the first time at the age of 23, the Queen gave birth to Anne just two years later in 1950. But her father’s subsequent death forced the young royal to then focus on her role as the reigning monarch. She waited until 1960 to welcome her third born.

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However, Kate had her first-born, George when she was 32 and gave birth to Charlotte two years later in May 2015. Now, the world is eagerly awaiting a third baby due in April. 


Just like her own upbringing, Her Majesty often entrusted her children’s care to the nannies and staff while she went on for her duties. She and Prince Philip famously left on a six-month tour to Canada when Prince Charles was barely a toddler.

If we talk about Kate, she brings them all. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on a Commonwealth tour of their own as young parents, but they chose to bring their 9-month-old first-born, George with them. George and Charlotte have since joined their parents on various royal tours around the world.


Queen Elizabeth always opted formal clothing for her children. Smart shoes, coats, and socks dominated the siblings’ wardrobes for public appearances. In the case of Kate Middleton’s children, she chooses for them to wear more of casual clothing. She does let her toddlers get more relaxed on some occasions. 


Queen Elizabeth has always been low-key about her feelings about expressing parenting. She even faced criticism for her reserved nature with her children. But, then again she didn’t comment much on the intense scrutiny. It’s pretty clear that she takes the role very seriously.

However, Kate Middleton is more of an extrovert about her being a mother and facing difficulties while on being this road. She admitted: “rewarding and wonderful can indeed be a huge challenge.  There is no rulebook, no right or wrong”.

“You just have to make it up and do the very best you can to care for your family”.


Queen Elizabeth was a true follower of royal traditions. She opted out for private tutors for her children. Prince Charles had a governess during his early years. He then became the first one to receive education outside of the palace, however, when Her Majesty enrolled him in Hill House School in 1957.

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Just like her mother-in-law, Diana the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate decided to have her children socialise with other kids from an early age. She wanted to give her children a normal life, away from the eyes of the media.