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How Queen Elizabeth has insured the future of the monarchy?


There have been times of crisis when the royal household creaked and almost crumbled. It was a time of total crisis and speculation.

 There have been a number of massive and traumatic events inside the House of Windsor.

The tragic death of Princess Diana 21 years ago this month brought questions about how close the royals were to the feelings of the people they serve.

And the gossip-laden ending of the marriages of the Prince of Wales with Diana and Prince Andrew with Sarah Ferguson, coinciding with the fire at Windsor Castle all in 1992, made it feel more soap opera than stately.

But, how did the Queen manage to ensure the future of the monarchy?

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But, Her Majesty led to steady the ship by agreeing to some modernising changes. Most significantly by permitting Diana’s sons William and Harry to marry Kate and Meghan, respectively (commoners whom they simply fell in love with). 

Queen Elizabeth has strengthened the institution she has led for 66 years now. Her approval for these two marriages made the British monarchy more successful.

On talking to a former palace staffer, Colleen Harris, she said:-

“Her Majesty is ensuring the future of the monarchy by being open and flexible and adapting. She’s allowing it to be re-branded. When people inside the palace got to know that Prince William is marrying Kate, they felt strange”.

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“People then sort of thought, an ordinary person can grow up and marry into the royal family. How exciting, how different. With Meghan, that takes it even a step further”.

“The Queen is allowing the British monarchy to modernise. Now, the monarchy has come a real long way. They are not stuffy and immovable”.