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Do you actually know who the Queen’s friends are? Here’s her inner circle.


When it comes to Queen Elizabeth, there are a few companions who are at her side every time. Her husband, Prince Philip, and her famous and beloved corgis.

Here are some of her friends which are in her inner circle.

  • Angela Kelly

Her Majesty’s circle isn’t exclusively royalty and nobility. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s longtime assistant and dressmaker, is also one of her closest confidantes.

She’s a key part of the Queen’s daily life and is entrusted with so much of her public appearance. Although she’s a commoner, Her Majesty is said to enjoy her company.

  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Let’s be honest: Queen Elizabeth’s children haven’t exactly been lucky in marriage. It’s quite certain that Her Majesty’s favourite daughter-in-law is the Countess of Wessex. She is married to her youngest son, Prince Edward.

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It’s not just the lack of scandal that has drawn the Queen to the countess. They share a love for horseback riding and often ride out together, and the Queen is said to appreciate Sophie’s straightforward manner.

  • Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

It’s the most buzzed-about of the royal friendships. Queen Elizabeth apparently finds Meghan’s modern perspectives incredibly valuable as the royal family seeks to modernise its image.

Despite the fact that Meghan is divorced, not a royal and American, Her Majesty has been quite supportive of her relationship with Prince Harry.

  • Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Known more informally as ‘Penny’. Lady Mountbatten is not just a relative of the Queen’s, but a member of her family. Lady Mountbatten’s royal connection originally came from her husband.

He attended the boarding school Gordonstoun with Prince Charles. However, she’s become a favourite companion for Her Majesty as well as for Prince Philip.

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  • Lady Susan Hussey

As some of her lifelong friends have passed away, Queen Elizabeth has begun to lean more on others. Among these is Lady Susan Hussey.

As lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, she has been a friend and companion since she joined the court in 1960 following the birth of Prince Andrew.