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See one of the Queen’s first Christmas cards – she was only three!

Christmas Cards

Members of the British Royal family have been sending Christmas cards to well-wishers for the past 95 years, making this an annual festive tradition.

This has now become more of a tradition.

Her Majesty was just three years old when she took part in one of her first card givings with her parents, the Duke and Duchess of York.

The royal couple could be seen posing with their eldest daughter. She was then known as the Princess Elizabeth of York. The signed card simply read: “With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year”.

What about the cards that are sent now?

Now, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip send around 750 Christmas Cards. They usually feature a family photo. The card is signed ‘Elizabeth R’ and ‘Philip’.

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They are tend to be given to close family, friends, and Members of the Royal Household. British and Commonwealth Prime Ministers, Governor-General and High Commissions are also likely to be sent one.

Earlier this year, the Queen gave an insight to royal fans.

It was into how she spends her Christmas in the ITV documentary entitled ‘The Queen’s Green Planet’. She revealed that her great-grandchildren help decorate the Christmas tree.

Speaking to Mr Neil Turner, a senior castle attendant, the Queen said: “Well my great-grandchildren do, anyway they enjoy themselves. And the great thing is to make them decorate it”.

It’s a well-known tradition for the Queen to spend the festive period at Sandringham House.

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There, she is joined by other members of the royal family. Speaking with her former press secretary Dickie Arbiter, he recently revealed to The Royal UK. He said:-

“Traditionally, the family has always gone to Sandringham at Christmas. It’s close to London where she does occasions almost right up to Christmas”.

Her Majesty wants to be at Sandringham for the beginning of February, which is the anniversary of the death of her father. So, Sandringham has always been the traditional place to go for Christmas until New Year”.