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What is Queen Elizabeth’s zodiac sign?


Queen Elizabeth is one of those incredible public figures who’s also intensely private. As a living icon, she’s instantly recognisable and easily caricatured. 

But what do you really know about her?

Actually, there is one thing you should know about Her Majesty if you want to know what she’s really like. It’s Queen Elizabeth’s zodiac sign: Taurus. Here are just some of the ways she portrays her astrological roots.

She’s not afraid of hard work.

Just because the Queen has a taste for the finer things doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to get her hands dirty. When her kids were young and they spent their vacations at Balmoral, she was known for refusing help, cooking the kids. 

Well, these kinds are the classic Taurus, as Barry, a top astrologer explained:-

“When this zodiac sign, Taurus natives work, they work hard. They do it with a steadiness that may be considered quick. Rather it’s a dependable and plodding effort that has its payoffs. And, security is very important to Taurus”.

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She has serious street smartness.

This one is surely true. In 1982, a stalker broke into Her Majesty’s bedroom while she was asleep. Did she freak out? No, not this woman. Instead, she talked to the escaped psych patient for 10 minutes before a footman seized him.

“This grace under fire is in keeping with the trademark ‘practical intelligence’ of the Taurus”, as explained by Barry. 

She’s got a killer sense of humour.

Demonstrated by Queen Elizabeth’s fashion choices when President Trump made his recent visit to the U.K, she reportedly wore two significant brooches.

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One was her mourning brooch and the other one was given to her by the Obama’s. Not only this, she wore the same outfit she wore on the dark day that she had to address Parliament after Brexit.

As Barry explained: “Taurus woman has a surprising sense of humour with a pinch of playfulness, for all her serious determination. Going to battle with a brooch is definitely what I’d call playful”.