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Queen Elizabeth told William and Kate to break protocol and this is exactly what they did!

Queen Elizabeth

The sovereign leader of the Commonwealth, ruling monarch of the United Kingdom, Defender of the Faith: Queen Elizabeth goes by many names.

One we don’t often hear? Grandma. But, that’s the role she chose to embody when discussing Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

According to the Express, Her Majesty secretly told William he could ‘tear up’ the formal guest list for his royal wedding to Kate Middleton. But, can you imagine Her Majesty telling her family members to brake a rule? Well, its quite hard to imagine. And although the royals usually follow strict protocol, it appears as though the Queen was up for breaking an odd rule or two.

In her book: ‘Kate: A Biography’, author Marcia Moody revealed many things about Her Majesty breaking rule.

However, author Marcia Moody revealed that the Queen actually encouraged the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate to break one rule when it came to planning their royal wedding. Knowing that it was a special day for the couple, Queen Elizabeth told her grandson, Prince William to basically invite who he wants.

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So basically, she asked William to forget the hierarchy and who are expected to be invited. Royal author, Marcia Moody wrote in her book: “William was presented with a list of hundreds of people who he should invite and felt his heart sink”.

“The occasion would 100 percent formal, with no room for their personal guest list or special touches. He spoke to the Queen and she told him to tear up the list, there and then. She asked him to invite his friends and start from there”.

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She is not only a Queen, but also a grandmother.

Although, that’s probably not a smart move for the Queen to make in terms of keeping up appearances, it truly is a loving grandmother move. It shows that at the end of the day, her family’s happiness comes above all else.

And this month, Queen Elizabeth’s family is said to grow by one as her other grandson, Prince Harry, is expecting his first child with his wife, Meghan Markle. At present, Meghan is officially on maternity leave and is expected to give birth later this month.