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This is the reason Queen Elizabeth mostly wears white gloves.

Queen Elizabeth

Did you ever notice this? We usually see Her Majesty in the same outfits. She wears a dress, matching coat, a hat and white gloves. 

Those gloves been a part of her iconic look for more than 70 years.

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You will rarely see a picture of Queen Elizabeth without a pair of white gloves on her hands. The woman behind the gloves for the past 70 years is Genevieve James of Cornelia James. 

The glove manufacturer has supplied the Queen’s pairs of gloves for more than 70 years.

She recently spoke about the little fashion detail. She said:-

“The Queen wears gloves because they’ve always been part of her style. The mind’s eye picture of Her Majesty is the white-gloved hand waving”.

“They are number one: style and number two: practical. Those gloves are necessary because if you’re the monarch, you’re shaking a lot of hands. And so, they protect her hands as well”.

Her Majesty never wears leather or synthetic gloves. She prefers pure cotton with a elegant suede-brushed finish. The sleeves always end just under beneath her coats. 

It wasn’t only the Queen who wore those gloves.

The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne have also worn the brand. But Diana, the Princess of Wales notably set a fashion precedent when it came to wearing gloves at public engagements.

She abandoned the royal protocol of wearing gloves. And it was because she liked to hold hands when visiting people or shake hands and have direct contact with them. 

Wondering about the new royal brides?

Well, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge too has donned pairs before. Although, those were albeit and not the white cotton ones. She’s frequently repped merino wool gloves from Cornelia James.

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The royal family’s newest fashion icon hasn’t tapped the brand yet. But James hopes Meghan Markle will come calling soon as she does more events and shakes more hands.