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These 11 facts makes Queen Elizabeth the ultimate modern monarch of 21st century.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen of England, Elizabeth, is a rarity that the world has seen and will ever see. Talking about her, she has witnessed well over 12 Prime Ministers, seven Popes, seven Archbishops of Canterbury and written thousands of thank you notes since 1952.

On February 6, 2017, she became the first British Monarch to mark a Sapphire Jubilee, which means she completed 65 years in her job.

Usually, we see a calm and poised Queen Elizabeth when she addresses masses in various ceremonies. Even during her meeting with Popes and Presidents, she very much calm but The Queen has this whole different side to herself that’s quirky and witty. Keeping her profession aside, Queen Liz is one hell of a fun-loving person. And down below, you can see why.

1. Queen Elizabeth has served in WWII.

Queen Elizabeth is the only female member of the British Royal family to have served in the WWII. She did it when she was just 18 (and a princess) and joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. At that time, she also learned how to drive a military truck, change a wheel, drive ambulances and other vehicles.

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2. She is also a trained mechanic.

The Queen did more than just driving the military truck during WWII. She also learned a few engine-fixing skills and could change wheels and deconstruct and rebuild engines easily.

“One of her major joys was to get dirt under her nails and grease stains in her hands and display these signs of labor to her friends.”- COLLIER’S MAGAZINE, 1947

3. And boy, the Queen can even fire a gun.

The moment when the Queen indulged in some target practice on the L85 battle rifle during a royal visit to Surrey’s National Shooting Centre, she was captured in a picture and you simply can’t deny that it is one of the most badass pictures of all time.

4. She doesn’t need a passport to travel internationally.

Queen Elizabeth is a definitely a world-traveller. She has already visited more than 115 countries but doesn’t hold a passport. Because all the British passports are issued in the queen’s name, she doesn’t need one for herself. Although, the other Royal members do need to have a one.

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5. The Queen also doesn’t need a driver’s license.

She is the only person in the United Kingdom who doesn’t require to have a driver’s license or even a number plate. How cool is that? License or not, she is very much fond of driving and usually drive around her various estates in her Range Rover.

6. Her love for Corgis: She has had over 30 Corgis.

Her Majesty’s first dog was Susan presented to her on her 18th birthday. And since then, she has owned over 30 corgis. Once she bred a corgi with a dachshund and created a new breed dorgi which she has continued to bred ever since. It’s a well-known fact that she once demoted a footman for putting gin and whiskey in the water bowl of one of her corgis.

7. She celebrates her birthday twice a year.

Unlike us, the normal people, the Queen doesn’t celebrate her birthday once a year. She celebrates it twice a year- once in April, once in June. The foremost reason for two birthday bashes is that, sovereign birthdays are often celebrated twice when not naturally in the summer. April 21 is the day when she was born, but her “official” birthday is celebrated in early June on a Saturday, which means some pretty amazing presents.

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8. Her Majesty with a hoodie on, driving her Range Rover.

There was this one time when the Queen was captured wearing a “hoodie” while driving her Range Rover in a stealth mode. That moment broke the internet. The endless ‘they see me rollin’, they hatin” memes were all over social media. And for good reason, obviously.

9. Queen Elizabeth featured with Daniel Craig in a phenomenal James Bond moment.

This time, the Queen showed that it’s not all work but fun as well during her role with Daniel Craig. She featured in a clip that was filmed for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. In the clip, Daniel Craig escorted Her Majesty out of the Buckingham Palace into a helicopter. The pair then made a grand entrance into the ceremony when they skydived into the Olympic Stadium. The word is that Queen Liz’s stunt double was used to film the end sequence but considering her daredevil attitude, we might never know what did go down.

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10. The Royal photobomb: She also doesn’t mind photo bombing once in a while

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, The Queen photobombed two Australian hockey players who had been taking a selfie. The Aussie player Jayde Taylor tweeted an epic photo that showed the slightly blurred Queen Elizabeth grinning in the background. 

11. She once had a close call with a stalker in her room

In 1982, a psychiatric patient scaled a drainpipe in the Buckingham Palace and landed in her room. When Elizabeth woke up, the man was perched on the edge of the bed, dripping blood from his hand. Instead of freaking out when unable to get in touch with the police, Elizabeth chatted with the man for about ten minutes, where he talked about his personal problems and relationships with his children. Finally, a footman woke up and subdued the intruder.

If you had fun reading these facts about Queen Liz’s life, imagine how amazing she must be in person.