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Why Queen Elizabeth is the ultimate modern monarch of the 20th & 21st centuries ?

Queen Elizabeth

The idea of a monarchy is still flourishing in the flux of 21st-century politics. However, what would the British identity be without the crown and the monarchy?

It can be pretty tough, won’t it? 

The role of the monarchy has been a constant and persistent odds with the changing nature of the British Parliament. It is a universal claim that while the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth may not have the power to take the ‘final call’ in matters of the state.

But, what about her role and importance?

However, Her Majesty will still have an indistinguishable and important role to play in the matter. Since her coronation back in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II, the present reigning monarch of England, has never looked back since then.

As of now in 2018, she is the longest reigning monarch after her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. While the course of her reign, the Queen has seen and come through the rise and fall of dynasties.

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The Beginning.

As the future Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth had been schooled and trained for royal matters from the time she was a little girl. As a result, her famous slogan – “I have to be seen to be believed”, has been concurrent and inspiring them through her life and reign.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign saw many ups and downs. The 92-year-old reigning monarch has been a beacon of female empowerment for women across the world.

During her 66 years on the throne, she has undertaken almost 300 official overseas visits to 129 countries, posed for 150 portraits, and given thousands of speeches, and continues to do so even at 92.

Her Contribution.

She was always a keen proponent for an invention. Despite resistance from Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, she insisted that her entire coronation be filmed and shown live on television worldwide.

In an effort to win over the public, Elizabeth made a bid that set her apart from the rest of dynastic history. She decided to endorse measures which would reduce mandatory public spending and would benefit her people. 

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She publicly acknowledged the fact that the monarchy was indebted to the public tax and revenue system for its functioning. And, in trying to repair the Windsor Castle after the fire of 1992 she opened up a part of the Buckingham Palace to the public to visit it. 

Queen Elizabeth might be 92 today, but the twinkle in her eyes gives away her eternally strong and youthful spirit.