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Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her father in a speech to mark this special occasion.

Queen Elizabeth

It was the celebration for completing a century of the Royal Air Force yesterday. And so, Queen Elizabeth remembered her father, and paid a small tribute to him.

At the event, Her Majesty gave a remarkable speech. 

Yesterday, the British royal family celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force with a series of events. They kicked off the day with a service at Westminster Abbey and then headed to Buckingham Palace for a flyover of historic planes.

While the royal family was present there, Queen Elizabeth gave a heartfelt speech. She touchingly paid tribute to her father, King George VI. According to some reports, many after hearing the speech were left quite emotional.

Queen Elizabeth’s speech read as:-

“Chief of the Air Staff, today is a very special day. Presenting the Royal Air Force (RAF) with a New Queen’s Colour provides an opportunity to congratulate the Service for your remarkable contribution to Defence over the last hundred years”.

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“Tenacity, skill and gallantry have been your hallmarks, as you have helped to safeguard freedom and security in many parts of the world. I remember the Battle of Britain being fought in the skies above us”.

“And, we shall never forget the courage and sacrifice of that time. In the year 1918, my father, King George VI, served along one of the Service’s founders, Lord Trenchard, before becoming the first of my family to qualify as a Royal Air Force pilot”.

“Our that family tradition continues to this day: The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge have all earned their Wings, and wear them with great pride”.

“The Royal Air Force has won a place in the heart of Great Britain, and I wish All Ranks, past and present, together with your families, every good fortune for your second century of service”.

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Per Ardua Ad Astra.

This line, ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ at the end is the real and official motto of the Royal Air Force. When translated, it means ‘Through adversity to the stars’ or ‘Through struggle to the stars’.