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Queen Elizabeth is hanging onto the throne because of Princess Charlotte.

Queen Elizabeth

Well, most 92-year-old people in the world probably want to kick back and relax. But, Her Majesty would rather go full steam ahead into her mid-90’s.

The 92 year-old reigning monarch is just as active as ever with a packed schedule of royal visits and duties.

And a source close to the British royal family says that won’t change anytime soon. But, have you guys ever imagined why? There is a big reason behind it.

It’s partially because of her grandchildren.

A royal insider, Nick Bullen recently spoke with Daily Mail about the path he foresees for the Queen. And in short, he doesn’t expect her to abdicate, ever.

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Bullen said:-

“I think Her Majesty sees what those boys and their wives bring. I also wonder whether she even throws forward to the great grandchildren”.

“Princess Charlotte, already at the age of 3, knows about how to work a crowd. Maybe now through her great-grandchildren she can see a way of just staying on the crest of that wave”.

Well, he’s certainly right about that.

In all seriousness, royal insider, Bullen said that while 70-year-old Prince of Wales, Charles is perfectly ready to be King of England, Bullen doesn’t think it will happen until his 80’s.

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Nick Bullen said:-

“Her mother lived to 101. Queen Elizabeth is there for the long run. She could live for at least another 10 years. Honestly, she’s seen it all and she’s done it all”.

“Her Majesty The Queen is the ultimate working mother and working woman. And I don’t think she’s going anywhere, anytime soon”. However, this leaves the Queen’s first born, Prince Charles monarch-in-waiting.