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Queen Elizabeth suffers a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ on this royal tour

Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty has a selection of outfits for each and every royal excursion. Yet during one official trip, she nearly suffered a public wardrobe malfunction. 

Queen Elizabeth II travels across the globe, on a variety of official royal trips. While representing the crown, it is essential the monarch is dressed in a smart fashion.

The Queen, is usually fond of classic, formal outfits with a pop of colour. The UK’s longest-serving monarch also tends to wear a hat in an accompanying shade to her blazer, jacket or dress. Yet when she travelled to Namibia, in the year, 1990, the hard work of her wardrobe and wider entourage nearly came unstuck.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman detailed a potential fashion blunder to unfold.

He talked about it in his new book: ‘Queen of the World’. Talking of her visit to the southern African nation, he wrote: “If Namibia had little knowledge of the Commonwealth, it knew even less about royal visits. But, Namibia was quite keen to learn. There was a similar presence of mind”.

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“It was when the desert wind at Windhoek International Airport threatened to blow away the red carpet, as the Queen’s VC10 was approaching. The Namibians ordered a 25-stone policeman to stand on the far end of it”.

“That solved the carpet problem. However, the same wind would cause alarming problems with the royal hemline as the Queen descended the aircraft steps”.

It appears Her Majesty, was able to deal with the issue calmly.

It was with her dignity intact as she travelled down the stairs to disembark. The near mishap didn’t affect the success of the visit of the UK’s longest-serving monarch. It has previously been revealed that Queen Elizabeth travels with a significant entourage on each and every excursion.

Meanwhile, despite her confidence and smart dress sense, the Queen’s hidden travel ‘terror’ recently came to light. Royal writer Kitty Kelley has opened up on the Queen’s seeming less than the confident side in her recent book.

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‘The Royals’ details the difference in character between the present reigning monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip during their official state trips abroad.

The royal author said that:-

“During such occasions, Queen Elizabeth appeared to feel self-conscious about the gaps in her education. Philip chatted with anyone about anything. While Elizabeth worried constantly about what to say”. She also added how Elizabeth was said to have confided her worries about public conversation with a close friend.

She quoted the chat during which the monarch is said to have stated: “Believe it or not, I lie in my bath before dinner, and think, Oh, who am I going to sit by and what do they talk about? I’m absolutely terrified of sitting next to people in case they talk about things I have never heard of”.