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Queen Elizabeth spotted at London hotspot for night out with friends

LONDON, ENGLAND: The Ivy by royal appointment. Queen Elizabeth II visits iconic west end restaurant The Ivy, West St, for a friends birthday

The 91-year-old royal monarch was spotted at celebrity hotspot for night out to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Archduchess Helena.

Queen Elizabeth is very rarely spotted out at night, or in any restaurants for that matter, so this is kinda a big deal.

She attended the birthday celebration with her close cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, and his wife. The party group was hidden in a private dining room away from commoners.

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Queen Elizabeth, without a doubt, was dressed to impress for the occasion. She wore a silver lace dress that reached right below her knees. Queen Elizabeth was also wearing a paisley-print shawl. She accessorized her beautiful looks with some low-heeled black pumps with a small leather purse.

Her Majesty looked in great spirits despite the wet weather.

The last time Queen Elizabeth was spotted at a restaurant was in the year 2016, when she hit the town with her daughter Princess Anne.

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And while we’re sure she loves the privacy that dining at Buckingham Palace offers, her preference for staying at home rather than eating out may also have to do with her strict diet. For someone who doesn’t know her personally, she follows her strict diet in order to remain healthy.

The Queen reportedly enjoys chocolate as a treat and starts her day off with a biscuit

According to her personal chef, Queen Elizabeth’s diet is pretty simple. For breakfast, she loves Special K cereal with fruit, almonds, walnut etc. Occasionally she also prefers toasts or omelette. She also forbids pasta or rice in order to maintain her diet . Talk about discipline!



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